Student Residence Permit for Iceland

International students require a visa in order to study in Iceland. All international students, except Nordic nationals, aged 18 or above must have a residence permit if there stay is more than 3 months. Such students must be enrolled at the educational institution as a full-time pupil. 

All pupils must also apply for an Icelandic ID/social security number (kennitala) after their arrival in the country. This Id number is useful while opening a bank account; to obtain a tax card, and for many other purposes. The Kennitala is of 10 digits, with first 6 digits being your date of birth in the format dd-mm-yy. 

Student Residence Permit Conditions

For EU/EFTA Nationals

EEA/EFTA nationals must apply for the permit after entering the country. If the period of stay is more than 3 months, EEA/EFTA students must fill out form A-262 .

For Nordic Nationals

Nationals of Nordic countries who wish to study in Iceland must register at the Registers Iceland after entering the country. These country nationals do not require a residence permit. 

For Non-EU/EEA Nationals

Students from outside EEA/EFTA countries must apply for the permit before entering Iceland. If the student residence permit application is sanctioned, then only such students are allowed to enter the country. If you wish to stay as a full-time student in the country, in that case, apply for student visa.

To get the list of EEA/EFTA countries, click here.


If the residence permit application has been approved, a D-Visa will be issued. To get a D-Visa, you must contact your nearest embassy. The application must include the embassy details from where the candidate wishes to take the D-visa.  

After Entering Iceland

Candidates after entering the country must do the following things, and after doing these, the residence permit is issued and sent to the candidate’s Iceland address. Candidates should do the following:

Domicile Registration

Candidates whose residence permit has been approved must register their domicile after entering the country. Candidates must fill out a form and submit it to the address mentioned below:

Registers Iceland (pjoeskra Islands)  
Borgartun 21, 105 Reykjavik, 
Tel: 354 515 5300354 515 5300

All the candidates are required to get a valid passport with them.

Health Check

Candidates after entering the country must get a health check up done. Medical certificate is mandatory. To know more about the health check, visit the official website of the Directorate of Health.

Students in Akureyri must go for a medical examination at the Akureyri Health Centre situated downtown (Hafnarstraeti 99).

Students in Reykjavik must undergo a medical examination at the Health Centre at Alfabakki 16, 109 Reykjavik. To know more about the medical examination at Reykjavik, click here

Visit the nearest district magistrate or police authority, or the Directorate of Immigration with your passport and have your photo taken.  

Student Residence Permit Application Procedure

International students must fill out an application form and submit it along with the required documents through registered mail to the Directorate in Iceland. 

Directorate of Immigration
Skogarhlie 6
105 Reykjavik
Tel.: 354 510 5400354 510 5400

Change of Address

All international students before their arrival in the country must apply for the change of address. Fill out an application form A-255 and submit it electronically through Netskil,  or to the mentioned below address: 
National Registry Iceland
Borgartun 21
105 Reykjavik

To download the form A-255, click here.

Registration Dates and Deadlines

Students who wish to apply for the fall semester, the application to the Directorate must be submitted by July 1.
Students who wish to apply for the spring semester, the application to the Directorate must be submitted by November 1.


Following documents must be submitted to the Directorate:
  • Application form:  The original application form must be filled and signed by the candidate
  • A copy of the passport and passport size photographs
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Criminal record certificate: It must be issued from the candidate’s residence country or the country in which you have lived in for the past 5 years.
  • Evidence of financial support: It can be a bank statement; it must be stamped and signed by the concerned bank. Or student loan evidence.
  • Letter of acceptance received from the higher education institution or written proof of registration at the educational institution
  • Accommodation proof
  • Candidates having a valid medical certificate from their home country that has issued in a period of less than 3 months do not require medical examination.
  • English language proficiency certificates.
  • Paid fee receipt or any other document that confirms that you have paid the course fee in full.
**All the documents must be in any of the Scandinavian languages or in English.

To know more about the visa procedure, visit the official website of the Directorate of Immigration .

Processing Time

The processing time of student residence permit is 90 days after the Directorate of Immigration have received all the required documents for the permit.

Municipal Offices in Iceland

Isafjoreur Municipality Office
Hafnarstraeti 1
400 Isafjoreur
Tel.: 354 450 8000354 450 8000

Registers Iceland (pjoeskra Islands)
Borgartun 21
105 Reykjavik
Tel.: 354 515 5300354 515 5300

Offices of Akureyri Municipality (Manntal)
Geislagata 9
600 Akureyri
Tel.: 354 460 1000354 460 1000
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