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List of Iceland Embassies and Consulates Around the World

List of Iceland Embassies in Foreign Countries:


  •  Malawi-Lilongwe (Embassy)
  •  Mozambique-Maputo (Embassy)
  •  Uganda-Kampala (Embassy)


  •  Canada-Ottawa (Embassy), Winnipeg (Consulate-General)
  •  United States-Washington, DC (Embassy), New York (Consulate-General)


  •  China-Beijing (Embassy)
  •  India-New Delhi (Embassy)
  •  Japan-Tokyo (Embassy)


  •  Austria-Vienna (Embassy)
  •  Belgium-Brussels (Embassy)
  •  Denmark-Copenhagen (Embassy), Nuuk (Consulate-General), Torshavn (Consulate-General)
  •  Finland-Helsinki (Embassy)
  •  France-Paris (Embassy)
  •  Germany-Berlin (Embassy)
  •  Norway-Oslo (Embassy)
  •  Russia-Moscow (Embassy)
  •  Sweden-Stockholm (Embassy)
  •  United Kingdom-London (Embassy)

To know the contact details of the Icelandic missions abroad, visit the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Iceland. 
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